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Dim Crims: Courting Trouble

Posted on the 16 April 2014 by Hughvw
Dim Crims: Courting troubleOn the bright side, James Manning made it to court on time for his hearing on a drug-possession charge. The problem is that police say he stole a car from a neighboring California county to do so, reports The Modesto Bee.
The 49-year-old's trouble got rolling when a dealership in Redding called police to say that one of its cars had disappeared and that GPS showed it to be parked in front of the Tuolumne County courthouse. Cops waited around and nabbed Manning and his wife, and they eventually confessed to stealing the vehicle in order to get to court. Police found pot inside the car, reports AP, leading to another drug charge in addition to one for car theft. [Source]     [BJS]

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