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Dilemma Among High School Students Regarding English Language Acquisition

By Tlb

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“Reading and writing are important parts of passing an English class in high school, but soon speaking the language will be a requirement as well.”

The statement above was detailed by the NBC Connecticut when the board of education in New London High School raised their standards among their students. They have required them to be suitable graduates of the institution by letting them prove that they really are knowledgeable with the American English language and be able to demonstrate it accurately on 2015.

While reading such article, I was surprised that there really are students who don’t actually show excellent results in their English classes when in fact, they are residing in an obvious English-speaking location. Well, in fair view of the story, the student body actually has a large number of immigrants from 28 different countries around the world. But taking your stand on this issue, would it be justifiable for these students not to get English learned so easy when the language is a part of their lifestyle already?

The school wasn’t really that irresponsible in educating their students that concerning English language learning. Like what the quoted sentence mentioned on the first paragraph, they have tackled not just the reading and writing skills for them to learn English language, but they include speaking as well.

Regardless of the various cultures and tongues present within the school’s premises, they have exerted effort to let their students’ learning process become successful, the concerned Supt. Nicholas Fischer detailed. They have not instituted an “English only” policy in the campus alright, but it doesn’t mean that they are not a good school at all. Nevertheless, their decision to level up their English teaching has raised their students’ lids and has improved their English skills.

The purpose of writing this article is not really flaunting a dilemma of an institution, but to conceptualize that there really are learners who really don’t get to be excellent in learning English. Nevertheless, if you personally want a more comprehensive way to learn English, especially when you’re a foreigner from an English-speaking country, you might want to consider learning it in an English language school. Its curriculum is greatly focused in learning languages, so it will result you to learn it in a very effective manner.


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