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Digital Transformation at The Guardian Changing Media Summit

Posted on the 21 March 2014 by Discerningdigital @DigiDiscern

This week saw The Guardian Changing Media Summit take place in London, bringing together the UK’s top media executives to discuss commercial, creative and digital strategies as well as online, mobile, social, advertising, gaming and finance.

The theme for this year’s summit was ‘disruption to disruptor’ so naturally we were intrigued.

At Discerning Digital we’ve got an eye on all things digital disruption and digital transformation and we’ve collated a few of our highlights to give you a quick guide to the summit.

Changing Media Summit

(Image credit: The Guardian)

“The Need to Transform Was Urgent For Us”

Information and software publisher Wolters Kluwer has undergone a successful digital transformation from traditional publisher to global business information services provider.

In 2004, 70% of its business was in print with 30% in digital, in contrast to today, where just 23% of the company focuses on print.

CEO Nancy McKinstry shared her lessons with the audience – watch the video here.

Tesco’s Digital Transformation: “Today's avocado is the tablet computer”

Group chief executive of Tesco, Philip Clarke, gave a strong keynote detailing how he believes the digital age has put the customer in control and why Tesco has made the move into digital entertainment.

“It’s about putting the customer in control, and enabling him or her to engage and transact with Tesco in whatever way best suits them – physically or digitally, transactionally or non-transactionally.

“In an age where customers have more choice than ever in how to shop and who to shop with, loyalty is harder to come by, and easier to lose, than it ever has been.”

Read this great write-up on The Drum here or watch the full keynote video below.

Digital Disruption and The Rise of Content

Digital disruption and the changes we are seeing in consumer behavior are driving the need for brands and businesses to become publishers. (Read more on these changes here).

Creating and publishing content is fast becoming a key component of digital marketing strategies, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Content was a hot topic at the Guardian’s Changing Media summit; here are some of the top content-related sessions.

The Rise of Branded Content

‘The Rise and Rise of Branded Content’ was a popular panel at the event. Hosted by Sarah Hill, MD of the Content Marketing Association and featuring speakers from Channel 4, BuzzFeed and IBM, the group discussed how companies can ensure their content is truly driving engagement to make the most of their investment, and what the next wave of content innovation might look like.

The CMA then delighted the audience with their unique take on content marketing, check out their rather charming video here:

LinkedIn and Content Consumption 

LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue delivered a compelling keynote on the why brands and businesses must identify the trends in as content consumption continues to evolve and diversify, and the increasing significance of delivering personalised content experiences.

Watch the full keynote here.

Digital Disruption, Transformation and Content Takeaways

These were some of our key sessions from the Guardian Changing Media Summit, we hope you found them useful.

Changing Media Summit

For a full roundup of speakers and sessions visit the Guardian's Media Network blog.

What were your highlights from the event?

Digital Transformation Checklist

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