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Digital Marketing: How To Find An Effective Online Marketing Consultant

Posted on the 07 September 2019 by Divine T. @backlinkfy

As most transactions are made more and more digitally, it’s time to rethink your online and mobile marketing strategy. With a solid digital marketing strategy and how to implement it, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. This will help you increase leads, revenue and conversion for your online business.

So how do you get about creating a solid digital business marketing strategy, that yields results?

The best kept secret is through the right digital marketing consultant for your business who can understand and craft a digital strategy that works for your brand.

Because we work with so many digital marketing experts, Partnering with our award-winning digital marketing consulting company can help you reach your goals quicker, safer and more effectively with experts that work with you directly. No matter your location - Local, national or strictly online based in Los Angeles can help make your digital marketing a reality!

Who Are Digital Marketing Consultant?

Digital marketing consultants are experts who research, advise, develop winning online marketing strategies that pattern to your business or industry. The primary focused goal of a consultant, is to maximize your business leads and conversions, resulting in more growth and revenue for your online business with the right customers.

Digital marketing consultants tasks include:

  • Running a thorough audit of a client’s site and brand.

  • Research and develop an online marketing strategy for your specific niche market.

  • Review site copy and keywords for better targeting.

  • Track and implement digital campaigns; On-page and Off-page.

  • Use Analytics tools to analyze and improve campaigns.

We also have specific experts for different marketing strategies as well as all round experts who have experience running campaigns across multiple channels. For example, your online business may want to partner with a digital marketing consultant that focus on search engine optimization (SEO), Link building, PPC or display ads, social media etc.

What Does A Digital Marketing Consultant Do Daily?

Digital marketing consultants are constantly developing, testing and implementing strategies. A few examples of what a digital marketing consultant does include:

  • SEO

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

  • Content marketing

  • Social media marketing

With all the various digital marketing categories, most online businesses partner with a consulting service that gives them an overall package or custom plans based on their needs.

Organic search | Client analytics - This companies traffic is solely based on content marketing and drives over 6000 visits per month organically through search traffic with over $2000 per day in revenue. They’ve been online for 4 months are a performing better than some businesses who have been online for years.

organice growth.JPG

Here Are A Few Ways To Partner With A Digital Marketing Consultant

This tips can help guide you through decision making and what type of services you need right away!

Review Selected Digital Marketing Services Offered By Consultants

Once you have a marketing budget ready, build your list of consultants and make sure to organize your list based the services you want.

Depending on how many services your company needs, you’ll want to make sure whoever you partner with can deliver measurable results and is constantly available to you. Once you compile your list of digital consultants, you can start comparing rates. Unfortunately, not every consultant will share their rates voluntary but we have figured out the best sweet point for each industry and can tailor your budget to match expectations and growth.

What To Expect From A Digital Marketing Consultant

Know your expectations and make sure the consultant can reach them. Before you get started selecting the best consultant for your business. It’s always a great idea to speak with your consultant before work starts and ask the necessary questions that will clarify any doubts.

Here are a few things you can expect from a trusted digital marketing consultant, like Backlinkfy:

They Become Part Of Your Marketing Team By Extension: The best digital marketing consultant will act as part of your company’s overall growth and be part of your team by extension. As part of your business, the consultant can customize your strategy to better serve you and yield amazing results!

Provide Marketing and Business Analysis On Your Target Niche: If you’ve been running your online business for some time now, you will have data that can be analyzed to develop a content marketing strategy channeled to your target audience.

Develop Your marketing and Business Strategy: With well researched and customized digital marketing strategy, it will integrate effectively with your business goals in terms of growth over a certain period of time. Example: You set a goal to reach X amount of Target Visitors, Conversions or revenue.

Reports Real Verifiable and Measurable Outcome: Running campaigns without tracking and measuring the proper KPI’s can be a process. With the right digital marketing consultant or expert, you can see verifiable improvements and measurable growth factors that can help improve your marketing strategy.

Discover what one of the industry’s best digital marketing consultants can bring to your business, more customers, conversions, leads and revenue. Get intouch with Free, no-obligation Digital marketing service quote or Check our Rates, we customize every strategic plan to your business niche and needs.

Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert who has worked in digital marketing for more than 8 years. He is currently founder and CEO of and a go to consultant for online startups and small businesses in the USA.

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