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Different Sirens for Different People

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I was on a bus at 10am when the siren went off this morning to commemorate Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day. The bus driver stopped the bus and the few passengers on the bus, including myself, all stood in ceremony for the duration of the siren. The driver did not - I think he was an Arab driver, if that makes a difference, and he was fidgeting with his money machine and sorting his coins, and some people outside the bus stopped to stand still while others did not.
different sirens for different peopleI heard a cute story this morning as retold from Rav Yaakov Galinsky. The story goes that he, Rav Galinsky, was walking in public when the siren went off. He continued walking despite the siren, and somebody who saw him started to scream at him.
Rav Galinsky stopped him and said "I am not religious".
To the confused expression on his interlocutor's face, Rav Galinsky explained.. when you are driving on Friday afternoon and hear the siren, surely you stop your car and run to shul, right? The man said he does not, as he is not religious.
Rav Galinsky went on explaining, so, you are not religious for that siren, and I am not religious for this siren. Each person and his own religion.
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