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Different Kinds Of Blogging Ventures For Making Money

Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson
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Versatile Blogging Platform

Today blogging has advanced way beyond simply being an online journal of a person. Companies are using them to promote more information on their services and products. They add a more personal and informal touch to the products and services that firms are marketing and helps one to reach out to their consumers even more.

Blogging is an easy way for individuals to explore money making opportunities. If you have knowhow on a topic that is of interest to today’s online viewers or you could provide useful information or links to related sites, there are some of the many ways one can make money by blogging.

Post Useful Information

If you are wondering how to start off with a blog that will help you to make money, here are some tips:

  • Select a topic that you know most about. You can search out the keywords associated with that topic on the different sites in order to know what kind of searches are conducted on the topic

  • Decide on a niche related to the topic. For instance, while recipes are posted on many blogs, you could offer recipes of a certain local cuisine that is not found in many blogs

  • You could either offer your own knowledge or make your blog more like a forum where you can invite others to participate and share their knowledge.

Running A Blog Like An Ecommerce Venture

If you wish to make your blog more about making money, you could turn it into an affiliate program. There are many online ventures like web hosting, VoIP telephony services and others which offer lucrative affiliate programs.

All you need to do is blog about their services, the usefulness of the different features and functionalities and urge people to choose the particular company’s services. When they are convinced, they will click on the links you provide.

They will then get redirected to the official site and when they make purchases you will receive a commission in turn. The parent companies will offer ads and other tools to help increase traffic to your blog.

Coupon Sites

Another great way to attract online traffic and make money through bogging is to host coupons. Coupon deals are offered on a wide range of products and services. You could be a platform for coupon deals of different web hosting companies, or you could offer the best deal in the restaurants in your town.

No matter what kind of deals you offer, the associated website or companies will be interested in your site as you are getting customers for them. They will help to promote your site. They will post ads on your site and in such ways you will earn revenue.

Hosting Reviews

Another way of online advertising is reviews. Reviews on products or services are sought out by people online that is a reliable way to make informed decision about brands, about their wares and then make a decision to purchase them.

Many blogs make lucrative earnings when they host reviews on certain category of products or services. You can invite reviews to be written or write them yourself. You might also provide links to useful reviews. The reviews are also indirect forms of advertising.

Thus, you could offer promotional activities for different brands by posting reviews about their products and services. The related companies will be interested in associating with your blog. They will want to put up their ad on your site. You will in turn get money, traffic and exposure which will lead to further growth of your blog.

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