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Different Gospels…

By Richardl @richardlittleda

…one voice

Regular readers will be aware that I am part way through an evening preaching series on the title ‘how is this the word of God’?  Last week we looked at the Psalms and the previous week at how Scripture came together. This week, the synoptic Gospels came under the microscope. We started with 15 random facts about my life dotted around the church. People were invited to use them to compile a short life story. They could use those facts only, add in other ones which they knew, work together or alone. The one thing they could not do was to ask me! The results were a blend of the accurate, the inventive and the unrecognisable. However, it did help to give an understanding of the different ways in which a life story might come together.

We then looked at some information about each of the three synoptic Gospels in turn.  We considered the likely date, the themes and the character of each Gospel. Following this, people were invited to choose a table according to their Gospel of choice, talk about it, and produce a ‘back cover’ for it. The results, every bit as engaging as last week’s DIY psalms, are below, with images from Wikimedia Commons and Miss Street. CLICK each to read the definition:






We finished by looking at the stereoscope – a brilliant device which creates a three dimensional image by looking at an image from two very slightly different viewpoints.

Next week…John!

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