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Differences Between a Steam Cleaner and a Pressure Washer

By Gfl

As normal human beings, we’re always looking for better options for cleaning our stuff, homes and offices. Often we get confused in selecting from a pressure washer or a steam cleaner. Having a good knowledge will help us out from getting rid of this predicament. In this article the difference between a pressure washer and steam cleaner is presented nicely so that all sorts of people understand easily.

Pressure Washer: A pressure washer is a machine that converts normal water into pressurized water that comes through a spray gun with immense speed. This water hits the dirt and dust removing them.

Steam Cleaner: A steam cleaner is also a machine that uses very little water to create steam which comes through a hose and hits the dirt. This steam makes the dirt weak and the suction system takes it and accumulates in one place.

Usage of Water: Specially, in the city areas we face the problem of water shortage. Compared to a pressure washer, a steam cleaner uses less water which is made into a vapor. Pressure washing machine uses a lot of water that sweeps the dirt and dust properly. Some machines use hot water as well which are very effective in cleaning oil or grease stain properly. To reduce the wastage of water a steam cleaner is very useful.

Coverage Area: If you think of cleaning a wide area a pressure washer will be the best. Steam cleaner takes a long time to clean and you will be tired cleaning a large surface. The process of this machine is very slow. You also need to keep the machine close to the dirt. A pressure washer cleans quickly; so, it takes less time to clean a wide surface. The pressurized water can reach to a higher place such as the outer top of your house. Standing at a distance you can clean hard-to-reach areas.

Working Sphere: Steam cleaner is good for smooth and flat surfaces, for instance, floor, kitchen, room, etc. On a concrete surface such as bricks, patio, driveway, etc. it doesn’t work properly as the steam doesn’t reach to the corners. Pressure washer is good for a lot of stuffs, patio, car, roof, house outings, fences and many others. So if you have a variety of things to clean, this machine is best for you. Your needs to be cleaned stuffs will give you idea which one should you choose.

Proper Cleaning: Steam makes the tough dirt, oil and grease stain weak and fragile that cleans a surface better using a very little water. Thus, to clean with a steam cleaner it needs a lot of time. On the other hand a pressure washer cleans things faster than steam cleaner though; it cannot make your cleaning as fine as a steam cleaner. To clean the corners of your house the pencil jet of pressure washer is best.

Portability: As we need to take our cleaning machines from one place to another we should always think about their manoeuvrability. A pressure washer is compared to heavier than a steam cleaner. Most of the pressure washing machines have two wheels attached with them but the small steam cleaners don’t have them. You might have to spend a little more money and buy a better machine to get wheeled one.

After discussing all the details it’s difficult to say which one is better. It’s you who has to decide which one will be better for your cleaning purpose. If you think about cleaning multiple stuffs it will be wise to choose a pressure washer. Pressure washer reviews will help you find the best product. If you think about cleaning few things in a small area you can actually buy a steam cleaner.

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