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Difference Between Green Or Freehold Survey and Built Strata Titles in Subdivision

By Smadison

With regards to land subdivision, it is done in three ways -

  1. Freehold or Green Title Subdivision for No Common Property
  2. Survey Strata Subdivision likely to include the common property, titles including land surrounding the building
  3. Built Strata Subdivision, wherein title generally includes just the building footprint.
Difference Between Green or Freehold Survey and Built Strata Titles in Subdivision

So, when you consult the subdivision professionals for of your property in Perth, then remember both survey strata subdivisions and green titles allow in the legal creation of vacant lots.
Then What Are The Differences?
A green title subdivision and a survey strata subdivision are primarily distinguished by the created land title's nature. While green title favors in creating individual land titles for each respective lot, whereas survey strata guide in creating individual land parcels on only one title. You might adhere to build strata subdivisions for subdividing land having existing structures or buildings.
A Green of Freehold Title lot is a name given to the traditional lands, which are created under the Transfer of Land Act. It is completely different from its neighboring land lots with regards to ownership and servicing, thereby giving total autonomy to the registered proprietor that is the owners.
On the other hand, a Survey Strata facilitates in creating the vacant strata lots. The Strata Title is the part of the two or more land lots and forming into Strata Scheme, and is having a strata company over it. It is subjected to the rules stated by the Strata Titles Act.

The Difference In Planning and Servicing

The Green or Freehold Title lot subdivision approvals are likely to be more difficult in achieving since the Western Australian Planning Commission and local governments are more rigid in subdivision rules interpretation and imposing more conditions. Since the land lots must be serviced fully and independently, so they should be having direct access to the sewer mains, underground power, water mains, and thereby, in a few areas, the subdivision costs are likely to dramatically increase.
Survey Strata lots pose fewer restrictions in relation to servicing and approvals by Western Australian Planning Commissions. It is possible to connect the lot services through the other Survey-Strata lots the service mains. Creating the common property lots, generally along the side boundary favors its access and service corridor and enables it in retention of buildings with narrow access. Any common property lots' maintenance and upkeep is all the strata lot owners' responsibility.
Built Strata
A Built Strata comprises the building making upland parcel boundaries with the Strata Plan displaying the buildings. The fences, driveways, and related other monuments on the property agree on the part lot boundaries.
Survey Strata
The survey marks the licensed land surveyors place is the Survey Strata. The Survey Strata does not display the buildings and is much similar to the freehold land parcel.
Subdivision needs an application through the Western Australian Planning Commission. This particular initial application issues after three months. An approval for subdividing will be provided with conditions, which require the developer in providing services and stress access, and in total typically complete within the 9-month process. Thus, the developer has to accordingly plan.

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