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Diet Coke Shows How To Really Target an Audience

Posted on the 04 June 2012 by Thehangline

Diet Coke Tribeca Film Festival Billboard by Wieden + Kennedy

Because of out-of-home’s ability to communicate to the masses, sometimes advertisers forget about effectively targeting an audience. Kind of like “if you’re not talking to someone, you’re talking to no one,” right?

Instead of just plastering the Tribeca Film Festival with generic Diet Coke billboards and posters, Wieden + Kennedy crafted these ultra-targeted ads. From W+K:

Out-of-home billboards were crafted in the language of film—in this case, the screenplay. Posters and wild postings instructed people to tweet the hashtag #ThePosterMadeMeDoIt and an ad in TimeOut NY told people to tweet #TheAdMadeMeDoIt. Anyone who used the hashtag in a tweet was informed of the nearby location of a Diet Coke sampling truck to seek rewards.

Now, just imagine how ignorable a traditional Diet Coke message would be at an event like this. With these ads and the social component, Diet Coke just elevated themselves a few levels in the minds of film enthusiasts, actors and writers. It makes Diet Coke look like they actually give a crap about this audience. Way better than the same-old-same-old.

Diet Coke Tribeca Film Festival Posters by Wieden + Kennedy

Diet Coke Tribeca Film Festival Sample Truck by Wieden + Kennedy

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