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Diet and Lifestyle of 2013

By Umkhaloodie


Is it just me or is food getting more yummy? I haven’t gone up on the scales but I feel bigger this week, could be blamed on the monthly lady thing but that doesn’t really happen to me much…. I rarely bloat.
I have decided to kick start my butt again and watch closely exactly what is going into my mouth, in the last month I’ve managed to go from half a sugar to two in my coffee AND I’m having milk again.
Yala, it’s nearly bikini weather, it’s seriously time to get off my a-s-s and shift more lbs. I’ve been lazy since Xmas, I haven’t really watched what I’ve been eating, I’ve been redecorating and tht means no time for cooking and that means hungry bellies and that means lol, ordering was easy. 5alaaaaaaaaas! No more!
From tomorrow it’s back to 2 litres of water and no coffee in my tea, soup, grilled chicken and veg…. Yes, I managed to slip carbs back into my life, get out carbs, you are NOT welcome!!,!

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