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Did Your Children Enjoy Halloween This Year?

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

Cute Halloween Costumes for KidsWhat did you do for Halloween?  Did you pass out candy, attend a fall festival, trick or treat at the mall, or attend a trunk or treat?   The last two years, I bought my youngest son a costume because it is harder to come up with a homemade creative costume idea.  My older kids have always come up with some great ideas over the years.  As a frugal mom, I typically don’t buy Halloween costumes and the last two years I ended up buying a costume for my youngest son.  I found a costume that he could wear again and I picked out some cute Halloween pajamas so that he could continue to wear his costume throughout the entire year.

For the last several years, we have taken the kids to one of the local trunk or treats so that they can safely Trick or Treat.  During the trunk or treat we sat with my husband’s mom and dad who were passing out glow sticks and candy.  We saw lots of cute princesses, great home made costume ideas, several pirates, buzz light year, a few ghosts, a skeleton, and so many more.  If you are looking for some homemade costume ideas, you can find great costumes and some very bad costume ideas (some of these ideas are pretty gross and shouldn’t be viewed with children present) that will make you cringe.  Of course, some of the costume ideas will make you laugh out loud.

Some of my favorite costumes that I saw this year were: my niece was dressed up as an Indian, a cute baby dressed up in a pirate costume, of course my baby was dressed up as a cowboy (i’m a bit biased), and we saw two pregnant women who decided to dress up with their baby bumps painted.

Do you still have some leftover Halloween candy?  We actually still have a small amount of Halloween candy left over.  It is mostly candy that my toddler can’t eat due.  I am very picky when I give him candy because some of the candy has possible chocking hazards.  If you have a ton of Halloween candy leftover, you should check out these 35 tasty ways to use up your Halloween candy so that you can get rid of it.

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What did your children dress up for Halloween?

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