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Did You Watch Next in Fashion?

By Attireclub @attireclub

Next in Fashion is a new Netflix production based on the concept audiences became familiar with during Project Runway. The show is a reality competition in which designers battle for a cash prize. To win, they have to work in teams of two (at first and then solo) and to complete one or two looks in a very short time for each episode. Some of the cast know each other, while others don't. Many of the designers have brands that are more or less established or have worked with big names. Each week a new theme is given and they have to work together and combine their aesthetics in order to make it to the next round.

Did You Watch Next in Fashion?

The show is presented by Alexa Chung, known mostly from the online world and from making affordable fashions popular and by Tan France, known from the show Queer Eye. The duo is not the best choice in the world, it is based on the now-cliché pairing of a fashionista in the big city and her token flamboyant pet friend. They are not the most natural on camera and tend to be very boring at times and quite annoying.

The overall show has a concept that works, but in trying to distance itself from Project Runway, which was canceled amid the Weinstein scandal, it has a lot of misses, which could have not been there. For example, the looks are judged "during" the show, there are no actual story arches, which makes the show a bit repetitive and dull and so on. Moreover, the scenes where the two hosts visit the designers don't really bring anything; on PR, Tim Gunn would offer valuable advice, but here, they are just taking time from the designers. No wonder on some occasions, it felt that the designers were bothered by the two, who can be a little obnoxious. Not to mention that after the "critiques", the two talk about they don't like about the designs.

Did You Watch Next in Fashion?

The guest judges were sometimes OK, we liked seeing Philip Lim and Tommy Hilfiger, but many of the others didn't seem to bring much to the table. The editing of the show is also not the greatest we've seen.

In terms of designs, while the themes were very obvious, but still OK, the actual designs we saw on the show were quite boring and expected. It's fascinating how in the "current year", BDSM is still seen as new, fresh and edgy, when it has clearly become a cliché. Oversized outerwear is also not innovative or fun. In the underwear challenge, the designers had to create pieces for oversized women, as this is very much on trend, but obviously the menswear looks were not made for guys with beer bellies. The main trend though were of course the thin sunglasses many of the models wore on the runway.

Did You Watch Next in Fashion?

The teams that were best in our book were Angel and Minju, whose designs were always noteworthy and on point, Charles and Angelo - we really loved the black-gray look they accessorized with many pearls - we would have wanted more; and Carli and Daniel, who seemed as decent fashion designers who really knew what they were doing.

The final four: Minju, Daniel, Angel and Ashton was a good choice. Minju had a really original and personal vision, Daniel was really able to create unique things - his polar looks were fabulous, Angel always kept us on our feet and Ashton was a true craftsman. In a way, it was only fair for Minju and Daniel to battle it out in the finale. On Attire Club, we did feature some of Daniel W. Fletcher 's looks as part of event roundups, but during the show we were also taken aback by Minju.

The request in the finale was a little ridiculous: ten looks in three days, but in a way it was a good idea, as it showcased not only the fast pace at which the fashion world works, but it also shed a light on the designers who need ten months to make three looks. They were offered three sewers to help them, so that made sense.

In the end, it was Minju who won and she really deserved it, even though Daniel would have deserved it just as much.

Overall, the show is an OK show, a bit annoying at times, but, with the right tweaks and turns, it can turn into a great production. We will definitely look forward to the next seasons.

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