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Did You Know That New gTLD’s .Men: & .Lotto Launched & .Game Got Delayed?

Posted on the 22 September 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

I read Andrew’s post yesterday on, about new gTLD extensions launching this week;  Tickets, .Rent and .Courses.

I realized  that a couple of  other strings launched in the last couple of weeks that basically went unnoticed by the domain blogger community.

.Lotto was launched by Afilias, at a .Lotto registration, not a premium but any .Lotto registration will set you back $1,899 a year per domain.

The .Lotto domain extension was offered, not over a 5 day Early Access Program (EAP) like Donuts Strings, but over an 11 day EAP program.

Still as we sit today in General Availability, .Lotto has just 67 domain names in the zone file including those owned by the registry.

.Men was launched last week and has 567 domain names in the zone file.

Being a 50 Cent Fan I tried to register the domain name; Many.Men which is a great Joint by 50 Cent but was not made available for registration.

If you don’t know who 50 Cent is you can check out the details here.

if you don’t know the song “Many Men” you can check it out on iTunes.

If you think a joint is only something you smoke then you should check this out and then be embarrassed that a guy approaching 60 (as in years old) knows what that means and and you don’t.

I did get the domain The.Men for registration fee but there is no 50 Cent Song to go with.

.Game which was scheduled to go live by Uniregistry this month has got pushed off to 2016.

I expect Uniregistry will launch .Game with an Early Access Program (EAP) rather than the way it has launched previous new gTLD’s with no landrush and no EAP.

However other than getting a notice from registrars that all my pre-registrations for .Game were cancelled and that the .Game new gTLD launch has been postponed and repriced, rolling over to 2016,  I have no other details.

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