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Did You Know by ProBest Pest Management!

By Probestpest @ProBestPest

DrBugKVBdidyouknow1 Did you know by ProBest Pest Management!

Rats are neophobic – they don’t like new things, so if you put something new in their environment they will avoid it for awhile.

You don’t want to get bitten by a rat, they have a force up to 7,000 pounds per square inch, OUCH!

Presence of insects on and inside a corpse can be a critical clue towards estimating the time of death for bodies dead for longer periods of time. Because flies rapidly discover a body and their development times are predictable under particular environmental conditions, the time of death can be calculated by counting back the days from the state of development of flies living on the corpse. YUCK!

For its weight, spider web silk is actually stronger & tougher than steel.

The first known use of pesticide was elemental sulfur dusting. This method was used in ancient Sumer about 4500 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia.


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