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Did the Death Penalty Claim Yet Another Innocent Victim?

Posted on the 22 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
he state of Georgia killed Troy Davis last night.
Despite so much doubt about Troy Davis's guilt -- including seven witnesses who changed or recanted their testimony, and three jurors who convicted Troy who later asked that his life be spared -- Georgia's parole board decided he should die. And so last night at 11:08 Eastern Time, he was killed by lethal injection.
Troy's case has brought international attention to deep, long-existing flaws in the US criminal justice system: especially its use of the death penalty.

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By God"s Child
posted on 25 September at 17:43
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People today are so... evil including all public officail if they are ever honest with themselves. Everybody has done something wrong,yes including them, (THEY JUST, HAVE NOT BEEN CAUGHT YET!) They are as bad as anyone else. They play the perfect model role but, by no means as you can see, there are no model role not even for them. I assure you those who judge others has too... many skeleton's in their own closet with no sound mind to mke any decision. When did God appoint them God that they should trust thenselves. Their suppose to have high standards with the One and True Almight God as their Advisor. In this, I said In This, man made(synthetic world) Not spitiually made, man's little mind seems to get smaller and weaker in making sound decisions each genration. I personally feel on man's own judgement alone is incompatent to make such decision of taking a man's life. God has means for that. Man is so... evil. satan is the head of such people. Where are the true believer's. The (solid answer), Not enough true praying believer's. If true and pure faith un-waviering is present, mountains such as this can and could haxe been moved. We have got to go old school seriouly now, right now! Back way...back, dig deep, really deep to know God. Many know of my Father which is in Heaven but, do you really know Him? To Know Him you Must spend quailty time with Him. To the Family of Mr.Troy Davis, Mr. Davis may be absent from our sight but He will never be forgotten. I just heard about it today and I felt a love cry burning deep in my spirit for the extremely unjust treatment. Mr. Davis journey may have ended. But you must remember we have a God that sit High and Looks low, from the top to the bottom anyone that makes haste to shade innocent blood, the Almighty GOD, I know and trust said; He will repay in this life or JUDGEMENT, HIS WILL, BE DONE! I KNOW INNOCENCE VERY WELL, this Christain Brother was innocent. God has some well over due work to be done with unjustly people. Spiritually, He will make the crooked straight. I can't say sorry for your lost because we know where He is, safe with His/Our Father God Almighty in Heaven. All will know He's one of Father God's little lamb. Love to All. email: [email protected]