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Did the Crime, Do the Time

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Last night's renewal of the Peleg protests were in response to some of their people having been arrested and their detention being extended for relatively long periods of time.
I have no problem with people breaking the law. That is, as long as when they do so they know they are taking the risk of being caught and arrested or fined or whatever. If they know that and want to take the risk, more power to them. If the person gets caught, he should be willing to pay the price - he took the risk knowingly for some benefit.
The Peleg people break the law (both in terms of not registering for the army and the road blockages) for ideological reasons. I have no problem with that. Part of the ideology has to be willingness to sit in jail and pay the price if caught. It even strengthens the ideology.
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