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Did Netanyahu's Snub To Obama Kill His Electoral Chances?

Posted on the 16 March 2015 by Jobsanger
Did Netanyahu's Snub To Obama Kill His Electoral Chances?
Israel's Knesset has 120 electoral seats. It is obvious that no single party will get a majority of those seats. This is not unexpected. Israel has been ruled by a coalition government for quite a while now. In the recent past, President Netanyahu's Likud Party has won the most seats, and been able to form the coalition government. But if all the most recent polls are right, Netanyahu's reign may be over. The Zionist Union is on track to win the most seats in this election, and therefore will have the right to form their own coalition government.
Did Netanyahu's unwarranted interference in U.S. politics (by snubbing President Obama and accepting a Republican invitation to speak to Congress) hurt his chances? Probably. That move by Netanyahu didn't go over too well with the Israel public. Many saw it as endangering their relations with their closest and biggest ally -- the United States.
Congressional Republicans thought they had really pulled off a coup by embarrassing the president with that invitation, and Netanyahu was proud of snatching the opportunity to try and undermine the U.S. negotiations with Iran. But that may have turned out to be a huge blunder for both. We'll know in a couple of days as the Israeli citizens go to the polls.

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