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"Diana Director 'devastated' by Reviews"

Posted on the 03 October 2013 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth
From the BBCThe director of 'Diana' says he has "no regrets", despite the film's poor reception in the UK.  Oliver Hirschbiegel told the BBC that the movie's critical mauling was "devastating, but when you make a film you don't think about the reactions".  The Telegraph described the film "a special class of awful", while the Mirror called it "cheap and cheerless". Hirschbiegel admitted the reviews had put off audiences, but he still hoped people would "make their own minds up"...  Hirschbiegel, who previously made 'Downfall', a German-language film about the last days of Hitler, called his experiences with Diana "deja vu, because it has the same reactions in the UK as 'Downfall' had in Germany on release".  The article unfortunately does not mention him ordering all but four journalists to leave the room, throwing a handful of pencils down on a map or tell us what Naomi Watts whispers in the other woman's ear outside in the corridor while he is ranting and raving. You just have to imagine those bits for yourself.

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