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Diamonds // DIY Cutout T Shirt

By Elliefrost @adikt_blog

DIY cutout t shirt DIY embroidered cutout t shirt

Here’s a really simple idea Lea and I came up with. We wanted to cut out the back of this crop top I got from ASOS but it had  to last longer than 5 washes, which is one of my main worries when i cut up a tee. So Lea thought of the diamonds and I thought of blanket stitching the edges. So here’s our super duper DIY.

You will need :
  • A victim T shirt in for a treat
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread
  • An embroidery needle
  • Chalk 

DIY cut out t-shirt

1. Mark out where you want to place your shape with the chalk.   2. Cut 

3. Using the blanket stitch the edges, this image should help. Trim off any hanging threads and your done!

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