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Diamond Love: What’s Your Engagement Ring Style?

By Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
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(In case you are not familiar with this popular girl from the internet, that young lady is saying, “Oh my God, diamonds!”)

I have a guilty pleasure…  Have you ever designed your own ring?  I mean your own engagement ring?  I do it all the time and I am married!  It is SO fun to play around on sites, swapping out different diamonds and settings.  It makes me want to shout, “ER-MAH-GERD, DERMERNDS!”

Any way…

There are eight classic diamond cuts:



There are four basic setting types:

Classic, Three-stone, Vintage, and Contemporary

diamond Collage
via 77Diamonds

When it comes to style, which diamonds and settings do you prefer?

Do you like a classic solitaire like Brooklyn and Blake?  A three-stone beauty like Jen and Selma?  Perhaps you like your diamonds with a bit of a twist, like Nicole or Angelina.








 Would you ever go with a gem stone like Princess Kate?
via No matter what your preference, there are infinite ways to style a diamond ring.  Here is one I made on 77Diamonds:
myring pic
Look familiar?  (wink)  I have a classic, round, solitaire set in a six-prong, white gold setting.  It has a modern twist because the bands are flat on top, rather than rounded.

Do you think engagement rings are an indicator of your personal stye?

If you design a ring, or if you have a ring, share it with me!

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