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Diamond Jewelry for Men: Styling Tips You Can Apply

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When you hear diamond jewelry, the first thing that might come to your mind is women's jewelry. However, men can showcase diamond pieces of jewelry, too. As long as you wear it right, it can definitely enhance your sense of style.

Diamond Jewelry for Men: Styling Tips You Can Apply

Simplicity vs. sparkle

An average man usually refrains from wearing too much sparkle, limiting his jewelry options to a wedding band (if applicable) and a watch or a bracelet. Both jewelry pieces show simplicity and conservativeness.

In the past, most men avoided wearing earrings. This is because it was presented as a sign of rebellion. Today, however, more and more men are wearing earrings in one ear or in both. Some even wear multiple earrings/ear. Chains, on the other hand, were only worn by artists on stage. Hence, it is rare to see an average man wear chains back then.

Today, when we talk about fashion, it is quite obvious that men are catching up to women. This is because men are now becoming more mindful of fashion and their sense of style. Not only that, but many are also becoming more aware of wearing diamond jewelry.

Types of diamond jewelry for men

Below are some jewelry pieces men often wear:


Back in the 90s, men would typically pierce only one ear and accessorize it with a single diamond stud. This was very popular with boy bands and schoolboys. However, today, men usually choose to pierce both ears, while some even choose to have several piercings or piercings on their bodies.


Thick and massive chains were once popular among performing artists. On the other hand, a conservative man would usually end up wearing a thin chain, often with a cross pendant. However, in recent times, men choose to wear any pendant they like.

The pendant can either be a cross studded with diamonds. Or it can also be a symbol that is meaningful for them. Either way, with so many options to choose from, it will entirely depend on their style.


You can find many designs of rings for men with diamonds on them. In fact, the options are as vast as rings for women. Most of the time, men wear rings as a symbol of great importance. It can be a class ring, a wedding ring, or it can even be a ring that has been passed from one generation to another.


Men usually wear silver or gold links back then. However, today, there are a variety of designs to choose from. Some are even studded with diamonds to give it a more refined look.


With the onset of technology, many typically check their phones to look at the time. That is why men usually would only wear a watch as a form of accessory. Doing so would give you an elegant style, especially if you wear a diamond-studded designer watch.


As with other jewelry types, cufflink designs can range from simple to over the top. Some men wear cufflinks every day, while others would only wear cufflinks on special occasions.

Cufflinks can become statement-making, especially if it comes with diamonds. Moreover, this accessory will always be in style no matter what.

Mistakes men often make when wearing jewelry

The following are the common mistakes men make when it comes to wearing pieces of jewelry:

Avoiding Earrings

A lot of guys refrain from wearing earrings because they view them as women's accessories rather than men's. However, with the perfect style, earrings can be stylish for anyone, especially for men.

If you are new to this accessory, you can start with a small diamond stud. It can give you a trendy vibe without looking like a showoff or appearing too feminine.

Wearing too flashy necklaces

If you are not into a flashy vibe, wearing a flashy necklace might not be the one for you since this type of accessory can be very attention-grabbing. It can also be "too much" for the eyes.

Instead of wearing thick diamond chains, some choose a simpler design. Wearing a silver or gold thin necklace can elevate your "jeans and t-shirt" outfit. Furthermore, diamond-cut and coiled necklaces can also be trendy for men.

Wearing gaudy bracelets

Men can rock at wearing bracelets. However, wearing bracelets with gaudy designs, usually found in women's bracelets can be too much. If you plan on wearing a bracelet, it is better to stay away from dangly and oversized bracelet designs. It would be best to go with simple bangles to accessorize your clothing.

Not being confident

This is one of the essential styling tips for men: wear your jewelry with confidence. Being fashionable is easy, especially if you are confident and comfortable with what you are wearing.

Adding too many accessories

It would help if you refrained from turning your accessories into overkill mode. Choosing the right quantity of jewelry can elevate your outfit. However, wearing too much can overpower your whole style.


Everyone loves to be on-trend and fashionable, even men. However, not wearing and matching your jewelry pieces right can turn your style into a fashion disaster. This is why always paying close attention to the accessories you wear and by making sure you are not overdoing it is important if you want to obtain a great and elegant look.

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