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Dialogue Partner (Samtalspartner)

Posted on the 25 November 2010 by Wetherhaven @wetherhaven
It has been a long time since I posted and I can honestly say that my doctoral work is keeping me buried, both in time and mentally. With that said my doctoral work is focused on dialog and deliberation and is an expansion of the work in conversation that I have been doing over the last ten years. Of note is that I have finally defined what my role is in our world, and that is the role of dialog partner. As you see in my title, I identify a dialog partner as a Samtalspartner, a term and a practice from Sweden. Here is the definition of my practice:
Dialogue Partner (Samtalspartner) - in a relationship of mutual respect and trust with partners (or client systems) accompanying one another in service to generating value to all the stakeholders to the enterprise.
My doctoral work in human and organization systems from Fielding Graduate University provides a strong foundation for my field of practice as well as a focus on social justice which is of critical importance to me. So as I have moved forward in my field of practice, I have been digging even deeper into the field of dialog and deliberation and am excited to apply this work as I explore new ventures where social justice is a critical component of the work.
My general field of study is as follows: Doctoral Student - Researching social transformation through multi-generational dialog using The World Cafe within a living systems framework. I am also completing a certification in dialogue, deliberation and public engagement which is giving me more tools to help communities of all types socially transform to create a healthier world for all people both human and non-human alike.
Thank you for visiting and continue the conversation.

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