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Dewey's #Readathon: Things Gone Crazy

By Bookaholic @BookReflections
Dewey's #Readathon: Things Gone Crazy
Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon is tomorrow!  Whoot Whoot!!  While I'm really excited, I'm sad to say that I won't be participating at the same extent as last time.  Unfortunately, an unexpected passing of a close friend means I will be at In-Laws this weekend and attending a funeral.  I know, I know... this year keeps throwing crazy things my way.
BUT I will still participate.  The Hubby said he would read with me cheer me on.  This is his way of saying "I'm sorry you are stuck reading with someone who will grate your nerves and bother you endlessly." I'm not excited about reading somewhere that is NOT my space, but I can't imagine giving up one of my favorite holidays.  Yes I said holiday.
I've posted some tips based on my previous experience.  So check them out.  I've got some Tips & Tricks for you and a helpful post on what NOT to do (take special note of number 3).
I don't have a book pile because most of my books are in storage.  Cause I'm smart like that.  I only have review requests with me, which should be a good thing.  I guess.  So we'll see what comes out tomorrow.
As for food... I'm so sad.  I learned my lesson that time I tried to get through a read-a-thon with some grapes.  I have no idea what food I'll be munching on but I know for sure... for sure... that I am going to have a delicious German Chocolate cupcake with all of its fatty goodness.  If previous readathons are any indication, it will be gone in the first 25 minutes of the readathon.  After I've had my tea of course.
If I have some time on Friday, I'll check on Pinterest to see what I can whip up.  If worst comes to worst, I'll make my world famous guacamole and cut up some cucumbers, buy a vegetable tray, and a cupcake.  I can live off these things. Seriously.  But not grapes.  I can't live off grapes.  I tried.
Oh and I'm hosting another mini-challenge.  It was so fun last time, I had to do it again.  So check in here at 11 am central.
So enough about my unconventional readathon plan.  Tell me.  Are you giving the best book challenge in the world a go? Don't be afraid to link up in the comments if you've already done a post about your plans.  Despite the change in plans, I'm still excited.

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