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Detroit Mom Thwarts Three Home Invaders

Posted on the 20 February 2014 by Mikeb302000
via ssgmarkcr
   Just saw this out there and thought I'd pass it on to you.  I understand it might not be proper fare for your blog.  It caught my eye because it was actually picked up by the major media outlets, though that might be more due to the video footage available than anything else.     Another thing I noticed was that we had just been discussing the situation in Detroit and the reported long response times.  Yet, in this case it sounds like they were not only able to quickly respond, but had the three misguided urchins in custody in a day. 
Recalling the panic she felt, the mom says "I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house. They said no you don't so I shot off the first round. I wasn't feeling anything at the moment, I got scared afterwards." We still don't know what they came to steal, but the mother was committed to protecting her two small kids at any cost with her loaded rifle.

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