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Detroit, Cesspool of Gun Violence

Posted on the 25 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Detroit News
Police have made three arrests, identified a fourth suspect and believe they have closed five of the seven homicides that happened last weekend in Detroit. The shootings between 6 a.m. Friday and 6 p.m. Saturday included the deaths of 14- and 16-year-old boys in separate incidents.
The last time I referred to The Motor City that way, I was taken to task by an irate Detroiter who was quite offended at my characterization of his fair city. I'd like to know what else you can call it when the police and the city are happy to report solving most of the murders that take place over the weekend, most of the SEVEN murders.
And who do you suppose is responsible for this miserable situation? Well, let's see, there's plenty of blame to go around. There are the former crooked mayors who robbed the city blind for generations, there are the socio-economic difficulties that afflict Detroit more than many other places, to name just two.
I suppose some would say you must blame only the criminals. They are responsible for their actions. But, I'm afraid it's not that simple.
Two other sources of blame, which for me are important, are the gun manufacturers who produce and sell as many weapons as possible, like any other business, to make a profit. They do this well aware of the fact that a certain portion of their production ends up in the hands of criminals. In fact they pay lobbyists in Washington to make that as easy as possible by blocking the universal background check law, for example.
The other blameworthy group is the gun-rights advocates, who along with the gun manufacturers, fight for the most lax gun control laws possible, always under the pretext of freedom and rights, but really for a much simpler reason, so they won't be inconvenienced themselves.
That's what I call a pathetic, nearly-criminal self-centeredness. But I'd like to know what you think.
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