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Detective ProBest, What Does It Take to Be Smarter Than the Bugs?

By Probestpest @ProBestPest


I often get calls that appear to need a lot of detective work. Here are the facts

  1. Large single story building.
  2. Some type of bugs on employees desk when they come into work.
  3. Several desk involved.

additional clues on my arrival

  1. All desk involved are under one a/c duct-work, there are several runs of the a/c duct-work.
  2. There are multiple water sources outside – water features.
  3. These bugs are very small.
  4. A/C guys there the day before.

my observations

  1. Number of insects before the A/C guy arrived – probably 10 to 20 per night, with the A/C inspection many less.
  2. A/C guy found filters clogged and extremely dirty on roof.
  3. A/C guy also found that the unit wasn’t sealed tight enough, he adjusted the cover and it is now sealed.

my remedy

  1. Very small flying insect (fly, midge or gnat) see picture.
  2. Since the number has reduced, I believe the A/C guy solved the problem.
  3. No treatment necessary, keep eye on issue and continue to install new filters.

It’s not always about making money, it’s about doing the right thing.

“Honesty shouldn’t be the best policy, it should be the only policy”.


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