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Dessert Index for Eat, Drink & Be Vegan

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
Hiya guys.  Getting back to posting again, thank you for the cheer and support in my last post.
First order of business is a partially revised index for ed&bv.  I love everything about ed&bv, the design, layout, colors, photos, and of course the recipes - but the index is one hiccup.  It isn't very useful for pinpointing specific recipes, and has led to some complaints.  Not so fixable now that the book is in print form and fairly widely distributed... but...
see, I have these cool readers!  Yep, I do!  And, recently Laurel e-mailed an index that she drafted for the dessert section of ed&bv.  I have posted it here, for anyone else that would like to print it off and tuck it in their book.
(Question:  Ok, forgive my daftness, but will this link provide useful for printing for you?  Is there a way for me to make it more of a printable version?  Or, maybe you'll have to c&p to print without all the blogger headers/sidebars?)
Thanks Laurel, and if anyone feels inspired to index the other (savory) chapters of the book - have at it!  I'll post!  Back with food goodness if a jiff.  :)

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