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Design Modern Backyard

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Modern Backyard - In the courtyards of town planning counts. Yards City rarely has open spaces with light uniform expansion. Instead, the urbanite often has to deal with a variety of obstacles such as small batches, irregularly and high walls, casting heavy shadows. Work with your space rather than against it and its courtyard city is a sanctuary of the concerns of urban life.

Design Modern Backyard

Vertical garden

Make use of the walls to get the most out of your modern backyard in the city. Grow dense plantings of green vines such as ivy or morning glories to species of flowering trellises against the walls. Alternatively, place rows of shelves in a west-facing to grow dense clusters of herbs, root vegetables or small flowers in planter's wall. If you want your garden to have a water fountain, a wall is an ideal location. A spring mounted to the wall so that water is poured into a basin flush with the bottom.

Bamboo privacy screen

Dense with small lots and homes, modern backyard city often have privacy issues. If you want to keep you're isolated and without placing a high fence yard, use bamboo as privacy solution. Create privacy screens miniature by the growing clumping bamboo vases in front of the windows of neighbors or in front of their own baths buildings.

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