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Design Made from Recycled Books

By Dwell @dwell
On Thursday June 29, 2013, designer Brian Gennett will show his work at Chung King Studio in Los Angeles for Chinatown Design Night. "I am a designer of interiors and objects, based in Los Angeles," says Brian Gennett. "My passion lies in combining my artistic ability with my love for interiors. My work exemplifies my interest in sustainable practices and one-of-a-kind hand-made objects." Here's a preview of his work, which he hand-crafts from vintage and antique books. Slideshow Photo

The Book Cover wallcovering Gennett creates is made entirely in Los Angeles.  He describes his process thusly: "I first source vintage and antique book covers locally, carefully choosing colors and textures. I look for hard-covered books that have a sense of history. Beautiful faded colors, leather bound covers and marbleized endpapers all make their way onto the sheets. After designing a pattern I have each cover laser-cut in Silverlake. I then select each individual piece and add gold or silver leaf to some or all of the pieces. The surfaces come on a net backing in 12" x 12" sheets. The sheets can be applied directly to a wall with wallpaper paste." Loose tiles or custom size panels are also available.

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