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Design Indaba Expo 2013

By Dwell @dwell
Southern African designers showcase their wares at Cape Town's annual Design Indaba Expo. Slideshow Africa Reinvented by Keri Muller for Simple Intrigue

Africa Reinvented by Keri Muller for Simple Intrigue and Cape Craft and Design Institute-Considering the high cost of books in South Africa, it's surprising how many are dumped into recycling bins. "There's no resale value for a Geoffrey Archer book from the 1980s," says Keri Muller, adding that she goes weekly to a used bookshop to fish out paperbacks that would otherwise be pulped. She looks for books from the 70s and 80s—classics as well as pulp fiction—that have yellowed into a similar palette.

Muller tried folding the pages into various shapes, but says that the iconic continent is the one that resonates.

"With Europe, you don't know where it starts and ends," says Muller. "Africa has a definite shape." Photo by: Eric Miller

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