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Description of God the Father – 5

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The Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts - Original Narrative of 26th May 2010

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At around 5.45pm, I was again in an inner room in my house. The sun came right back at me, in front of all the trees I have at the back of my house (normally the trees obscure the sun). Its rays again started flashing and twinkling, and I saw God’s Heart (again) – gray, with folds, membranes and so on, again – pulsating as though He was breathing. The rays kept on going back and forth, as though beckoning me to go back out into my back yard, which I did. As soon as I reached my back yard, the sun became immensely brilliant. Rays radiated all around me, I felt God’s warmth and love penetrating right into the depths of my being, and I saw myself staring again, without any problems, straight at the very core of the sun. 

I started talking to God telling Him how much I loved Him. With every word of love I said, His pulsating increased tremendously. I started reciting the minor octave from the renewal of the purification and consecration prayers. As soon as I reached “in offering,” the sun’s rays enveloped me and the core became extremely brilliant, pulsating very rapidly, as though He was dying of Love for me and so happy to hear me repeat my offering of myself to Him. I continued the minor octave. As soon as I repeated my first fiat, the sun became even more brilliant, the rays even more twinkling (it is so very hard to describe, there are no adequate words in English) and I heard, “I love you with undying Love. You are My child, I Am your Father. I love you and I wanted to confirm for you that I Love you.” When I then said, “In fidelity,” the sun’s rays seemed to explode everywhere, as though He was bursting with joy He could not contain. After I finished, I heard, “Bow your head now let Me bless you.” I did and He blessed me: in fact, I heard Him and found myself suddenly making the sign of the Cross.

I was about to raise my head when He told me He hadn’t finished yet, He had more words of love to tell me. He spent more time telling me how much He loved me, how we are going to communicate since now we are united, how He is going to take care of me and, again, how He loves me for having given Him my entire self unconditionally. He permitted me to feel how consoled He felt by this, in relation to all the wounds and injuries He gets, every second, from people. He then told me, “Look up,” which I did. He added that He had wanted to warm me up with His love, He wanted me to know what it meant to be loved by Him as Father. I saw the sun’s rays retracting slowly until they became normal again, the sun vanished behind the trees and I returned into my house.

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