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Dermatologists Reveal 7 Bad Habits For Frizzy Hair

By Anshulika

Dermatologists Reveal 7 Bad Habits For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair makes you look less ready, isn't it? Taming frizzy hair caused by dryness can be difficult, especially if you're living in a humid environment. Dry hair has rough cuticles, and when the climate is humid, the combination brings in the frizz effortlessly.

Many anti-frizz hair products available claim to keep frizz at the minimum. But sometimes, no matter which one you use on your hair to make it look groomed, nothing works at all.

Is there something you have no idea about, that's ruining the health of your hair?

Well, the dermatologists at Cureskin have revealed certain common beauty practices that are responsible for damaging the health and beauty of your hair. For a real solution to your frizzy hair, click here. To discover the 7 bad habits ruining the health of your hair, read further.
7 Bad Hair Care Habits That Makes Your Hair Frizzier.

  1. Overusing heat hair styling tools
    Constant use of blow dryers, flat irons, or curling iron to style your hair damages your hair and strips it of moisture causing your hair to frizz.
    Minimize the use of heated styling tools (if you can) and let your hair air dry naturally. Protect your hair with a thermal protectant spray before heat styling.
  2. Over Brushing your hair
    Brush your hair only to untangle your locks. Over-brushing, hair stretches your strands and damages your hair causing frizz.
    What To Do: Gently brush your hair only when needed from root to hair tips to distribute naturally occurring scalp oils. Do not rip it through.
    Conclusion: The right thing TO DO to keep the frizz away?
    The first step is to identify your hair type first. Is it fine? Curly or wavy? Damaged, oily, or dry? Having this sorted will help you choose the hair product that is the most appropriate for your hair. You can also get a customized hair care kit from Dermatologists for your hair type. Download CureSkin App

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