Depilar System Review

Posted on the 30 October 2021 by Wardaakhan

The Depilar System is an enzyme-based natural permanent hair removal procedure. Let’s have some spotlight on depilar system review. This system mainly employs two natural enzymes, Trypsin and Chymotrypsin, which serve as the Inhibitor and Activator, respectively. This enzyme action is elaborated in the points about Depilar system review as given below;

depilar system review

Depilar System Review

Use of Natural Enzymes

The structure of hair-producing cells is broken down by the unique activation of these two enzymes. The Depilar system review depicts us that this system is a third-generation product made using natural enzymes. It works by increasing enzyme activity in order to penetrate deep into the root of hair production cells, inhibiting future hair growth and leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.

A competent skincare therapist in a beauty salon will apply the two Depilar enzymes after waxing or sugaring. The enzyme-based gels can then enter the empty follicles and break down the cells responsible for hair growth. 

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Cutting Edge Scientific Research

The Depilar System employs cutting-edge scientific research to give an effective approach for removing unwanted hair. In different hair salons, the Depilar system is used in conjunction with waxing, tweezing, threading, or sugaring to remove hairs from the root. As a result, new hairs either do not come or come with such weak strength that is easily removable in the next session.

The only prerequisite for waxing is that the hair is at least 14 inches long in order for the wax treatment to be effective. After waxing, the hair follicles are left vacant, allowing the Depilar enzyme-based gels to penetrate and initiate the desired cellular process. 

Skin types

Moreover, it is useful for all skin types and for all types of hairs, either light-colored or dark-colored. 

Permanent Hair Removal

One thing people are mostly confused about is that this treatment is not efficient in removing hair in one session or in one go, it mostly takes time in removing them permanently, many of the people have to attend different sessions based on different timings for complete results.

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Painless Process

 The best thing that gives the Depilar system an edge over others is that it is painless, contrary to which waxing monthly or weekly is a painful process and using creams give a darkish hue to the skin, so, most people prefer it nowadays. 


According to laboratory studies, the enzyme-based Depilar System is 5–10 times more effective than other hair removal procedures now available. This technique takes around 1–10 minutes to effectively destroy the hair-producing cells and inhibit further hair growth.

Because all the hair cells do not have the same development cycle and are not active at the same time, regular Depilar treatments every 4–6 weeks over a 16–24 month period are required to permanently suppress hair growth. It is effective on men and women of all ages, skin types, and hair colors and thicknesses. Because the Depilar System uses natural enzymes, it can be used on anyone. 

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Positive Feedback

The system has been evaluated for negative effects on humans, and no such effects have been discovered yet. The customers that used the Depilar System experienced no side effects or serious difficulties. 

Spot Test

The clients who are sensitive to salicylic acid, on the other hand, must perform a spot test before using the Depilar System. It should be emphasized that after the Depilar treatment, sun exposure should be avoided for 24 hours to allow the skin to heal. Always consult a beauty expert for proper assistance and information on this approach. 

Price Point

The Depilar System is a fraction of the price of laser treatments. This improved enzyme-based recipe outperforms other products of its sort on the market, including other enzyme-based hair removal solutions and expensive laser or IPL treatments. So the skin that people desire is the skin that they can have. So, from the price point of view, the Depiler system is more preferred than other expensive treatments.

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