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Denis O’Hare Says He’s Happy They Keep Talking About King Russell

Posted on the 15 December 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Denis O’Hare Says He’s Happy They Keep Talking About King RussellTrue Blood’s Denis O’Hare recently sat down for an interview  about his role of Larry in ‘American Horror Story. In the interview he was also asked some questions about his part in True Blood.

Below are the sections of the interview that pertain to True Blood.


AX: Between Larry Harvey and Russell Edgington, you’ve played two regular characters with serious burn makeups in under two years. Are those makeups as miserable to put on and uncomfortable to wear as they look?

O’HARE: The one for True Blood was definitely hard to wear, that was tough to wear. This one is actually not that hard to wear, and [the makeup artists] do such a beautiful job of it that I’m thrilled to be in it. And I love doing it.

AX: Do you have to try to make sure you’re articulating and enunciating through the makeup?

O’HARE: It can be an obstacle, and that’s not fun, but this one actually is not an obstacle. This one actually enhances the acting and it enhances the character. It gives you a kind of strange power.

AX: Speaking of the True Blood makeup, were you happy with the way Russell’s story ended so far, with him buried deep in a pit of concrete?

O’HARE: You know what I’m happy about? I’m happy about such a fantastic season last season, and happy that this season [turned] out to be such a great season, and that they keep talking about Russell. They keep saying, “We’re in a post-Russell Edgington world,” and they keep talking about, “When Russell Edgington pulled his spine out …” See, he’s not dead. If somebody invokes you, you’re not dead. He’s been invoked again and again and again. I love that.

AX: Well, we’ve seen a bit hole in the pit of concrete now, and TRUE BLOOD series creator Alan Ball has said, “Russell isn’t dead.” Can you elaborate on that at all?

O’HARE: I think Alan Ball is a brilliant man, and I think he’s a really smart man, so if Alan Ball says he’s not dead, then I bet he’s not dead.

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