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Denim with Style – FABruary Style Challenge

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
Denim with Style – FABruary Style Challenge

Denim with Style

Denim is something that many of us wear a lot. For many our jeans are a go to item. I was considering whether or not I should include denim in the style challenge at all as it’s too many people’s fall back, so I thought that I’d twist it up and insist that it be worn with style and not in a ‘got my old jeans on’ kind of way.

Today I’m dressing down a frock I tend to wear out in the evenings with a denim jacket and some more casual jewelry and ballet flats.

There are lots of denim options, from the traditional blue denim jeans, to the current trend of coloured and printed denim jeans. You can also find shoes made of denim, denim bags and denim skirts, vest, shirts and even jewelry.

Denim with Style - Fabstyle
Denim with Style – Fabstyle by imogenl featuring proenza schouler

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