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Denial? Cissy Houston Responds to Whitney Molestation Allegations

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Denial? Cissy Houston responds to Whitney molestation allegations
So..Cissy Houston has released a statement on behalf of herself and Dionne Warwick saying she’s shocked, and having a hard time believing Whitney and her brother Gary were molested as children by her niece.

Mary Jones, Whitney’s personal assistant, and Gary Houston, Whitney’s brother, revealed in her new documentary that their cousin DeeDee Warwick(Dionne Warwick sister) molested them when they were young.  Pat Houston, Whitney’s former manager, and Gary’s wife,  said in the documentary that she had heard about the abuse allegations.

The siblings never told their mother, and Cissy found out for the first time back in May, she reports, after the film premiered at Cannes.

Well, Cissy and Dionne are sharing their thoughts on the revelation via a joint statement to PEOPLE.

My niece Dionne Warwick and I make this statement to raise our voices above the din surrounding the release of the film, Whitney. Although the film is marketed as a Houston Family approved/endorsed project, neither my son, Michael, Dionne nor I knew of the allegations of abuse, the direction the film would take, until two days before the screening at Cannes. *Pat Houston told PageSix that she told Cissy Houston about the allegations after they were revealed in the documentary*

Denial? Cissy Houston responds to Whitney molestation allegations
I know the woman who was identified as Whitney’s “close confidante”. If she was my daughter’s “close confidante” it would seem she chose to betray Whitney’s confidence by publicizing rumors and hearsay. In any case Dionne, Michael and I do not know her the way we knew and loved Dee Dee Warwick. Dee Dee may have had her personal challenges but the idea that she would have molested my children is overwhelming and for us unfathomable. We cannot reconcile the Public’s need to know about Whitney’s life as justification for invasion of her privacy or the charge against Dee Dee, a charge which neither Whitney nor Dee Dee is here to deny, refute or affirm. Neither I, Dionne, nor my son Michael who was very close to his sister, and in the film is VERY candid about their drug use, has ever heard these allegations; we have never heard anything remotely connected to the crimes charged against Dee Dee in the film. How can that be fair to my daughter, to Dee Dee, or to our family? *Cissy’s oldest child Gary Houston states in the documentary that he and Whitney were molested by DeeDee when they were kids.**

I spent many years in recording studios (sometimes with Dionne and/or Dee Dee) where I earned my living. I also went “on the road” with my group The Sweet Inspirations to try to help provide a good life for my family BUT my children always came first in my heart and in my life. When I was away they did not stay with four or five different families; they stayed at home where their longtime babysitter, Phyllis, or my dear friend Bae or their father took care of them. In all the years I traveled Dee Dee, who was 21 years older than Whitney, NEVER BABYSAT for them. *Gary also states in the documentary that he and his siblings were left with different people when their mother was on the road*

Here are a couple of facts about DeeDee Warwick.  She too had a drug addiction, that contributed to her failing health.  She ended up passing away in a nursery home at the age of 63.  DeeDee also identified as a lesbian.  Which could explain why she allegedly sexually abused Whitney, which caused her to struggle with her own sexuality.

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