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Democratic Party Has Divisions (And Always Has Had Them)

Posted on the 19 May 2016 by Jobsanger
Democratic Party Has Divisions (And Always Has Had Them)
It seems like the cable news networks are all talking about the "division" in the Democratic Party. They are wondering if this division between supporters of Bernie Sanders and supporters of Hillary Clinton will cost the Democrats the election this coming November.
Folks, this is nothing new. Democrats will divide and argue at the drop of a hat. That has always been the case. The meme above with the quote from Will Rogers is humorous -- but there's also a lot of truth in it. Democrats are thinkers, and people who think for themselves will often disagree. I'm an older guy who has been to many Democratic conventions -- and believe me, there is always dissension at those conventions. But it is not a hate-producing kind of dissension.
I have disagreed with my fellow Democrats many times in the past, but they are still friends. Democrats expect each other to defend their cherished beliefs. They also expect to be unified after the argument (or candidate choice) is over.
Will there be some die-hard Sanders supporters who will not vote for Clinton in November. I'm sure there will be. Back in 2008, there were die-hard Clinton supporters who refused to vote for Obama -- but there weren't enough of them to affect the election. The party was unified, and Obama won an easy victory. I expect the same will hold true this November. There will be a few die-hards, but they will not significantly affect the election.
Most Democrats know that, however much they might disagree and even fight amongst themselves, there is only one overriding concern -- to make sure a Republican doesn't move into the White House. And with Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination, that is even more important this year.
They media will continue to have their fun talking about the Democratic division, and Democrats will have their fun arguing at the state and national conventions. But come November, you will see a unified Democratic Party. That's just the way Democrats operate -- and personally, I like that.

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