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Democratic Liberal Gun Owners

Posted on the 31 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
Democratic Underground is a wonderful site, which on their home page appears to be exactly what the name implies. Cenk Uygur is all over the place as well as other Progressives who say it like it is.
But in the Gun forum, I've discovered the most amazing, near unanimous opposition to anything I have to say about gun control. The DU users whom I've met there are just like the gun-rights folks we know and love on the blogs, the only difference is they claim to be Democratic and liberal. Bizarre.
Here's a typical example. This is a personal message I received from a certain Democratic Underground User named LAGC, entitled "Boy, are you ignorant.".

But at least you're not afraid to show it in the Guns forum!
Please do keep up the "good work" with all your shamelessblogspamming -- I know you're not an American, but yourextremist anti-gun rantings are certainly helping drive moreAmerican Democrats away from extremist gun control positions,and to stake out more centrist positions that acknowledge allthe legitimate roles guns play in our ever-evolving society.
The Guns forum definitely serves a good purpose, helpingDemocrats see through the gun control bullshit and working todeprive Republicans of an issue they've been successfullybeating us over the head with ever since anti-gun language gotwritten into the Democratic Party Platform.
Its only a matter of time now before we steal the wedge-issueback away from them and get (and keep!) comfortable majoritiesin Congress, that respect the entire Bill of Rights, and allthe freedoms it entails.
I know you're probably jealous of all our freedoms, being anItalian and all, but feel free to visit America sometime --even with all the guns floating around, you can walk freelydown most any city street without fear of being shot. Thanksin part to the fact that so many law-abiding concealed-carrypermit holders are around to keep the hoodlums in check.
But carry on with your agenda...
And my response:
Thanks for the message. I'm developing a theory which you just helped me clarify. You guys are the Democratic version of RINOs. What you say and the way you say it is right out of the Republican bully hand book. You even have the delusions which characterize Republican and conservative folks.
"Its only a matter of time now before we steal the wedge-issue [gun control] back away from them [the Republicans] and get (and keep!) comfortable majorities in Congress, that respect the entire Bill of Rights, and all the freedoms it entails."
Good luck with all that, Man. Keep in touch.
What's your opinion? How big of a group are democratic, liberal gun owners? Don't you find it odd that they would employ the same arguing techniques as their fellow gun owners who are mainly Republican and conservative?
What do you think? Please leave a comment.

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