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Demand for iPhone 5 Rockets; It’s Not Even out Yet

Posted on the 14 September 2011 by Periscope @periscopepost

Demand for iPhone 5 rockets; it’s not even out yet

Could this be what the new iPhone 5 looks like?

So what’s so hot about the iPhone 5? A survey for ChangeWave Research (which asked 2,200 potential phone buyers) claims that more people will buy the iPhone 5 than those who wanted to buy the iPhone 4. 31 percent of people who are shopping for a new phone consider it “very likely” or “somewhat likely” that they’ll pick up, magpie-like, a shiny new iPhone 5, whereas 66 percent of current iPhone users say they’ll upgrade to the new gizmo without even seeing it.  Some 26 percent are also likely to buy the iPad 2 before they head back to school. The website  reported excitedly that some 150,000 iPhone 5 units were being produced a day, and the iphone5blog breathlessly claimed that the case for the gadget suggests that it will have a larger screen.

  • We just don’t know! It’s because “we’ve had to wait so long,” said Chris Taylor on Mashable. It’s been a “lifetime” since the last version. Josh Walford on Webpronews  said that release (in America) might be somewhere in “early-to-mid October,” but that rumours about actual specifications are “harder to group together.” “Some say that the device will be thinner and possibly wider, while others say that it will not deviate much from the iPhone 4 design.”
  • A fan for all seasons. Some people take it a little too far, perhaps: The Stream, on Al-Jazeera, reported that Robert Shoesmith, from Coventry, wants to be the first to buy an iPhone 5 – and he’s prepared to queue outside the Covent Garden Apple shop for as long as a month. His pavement stay will be sponsored by corporations and private individuals.
  • Tomatoes of truth? Let’s find some “tomatoes of truth” among the “stinky stilton” of speculation, said Gary Marshall and Dan Grabham on Techradar. It probably won’t have a curved back; it almost certainly will have a better camera, whilst it might be available in white and as a nano version. It will definitely be wireless, with updates downloading only what’s changed instead of the entire thing. It might have a metal back; it might also just be an iPhone 4S. But whatever it is, it’s certainly going to sell in bucketloads.

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