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Delicious Vegan Banana Bread

By At350degrees


Long time no talk! You may have noticed a lack of recipe postings from me lately, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my blog! I’ve been incognito for a two main  reasons: 1) I’ve been applying to colleges and recently got accepted to my first choice (YAY!!!!!!) AND 2) I’ve been experimenting on and off with adopting a vegan diet. I must say that a vegan lifestyle brings many health and energy benefits, but it does not supply a wide array of dessert options. Without butter and eggs, recipes are limited and the few vegan baking attempts of mine have not yielded great results…that is, until I found this amazing vegan banana bread recipe. In general, I’d still stick to non-vegan desserts because they aren’t always the best, but banana goods are the one exception because you can basically substitute the eggs in a recipe for extra bananas to yield a moist, authentic banana cake. Of course, the chocolate chips (vegan or carob) certainly help the taste and add a very delicious ingredient to savor. I’m so very glad I found this recipe because I plan on continuing my vegan adventure and therefore do not expect to be posting very much in the future. As you may know from reading my posts and award facts, I am very passionate about health and nutrition and plan to pursue the topics further, through studying in college and establishing my career. Perhaps you can expect occasional special birthday and event postings, but for now I am leaving a bittersweet bookmark in my blog, which as of last week is officially 2 years old! I will also be busy planning and preparing for college and will not able to continue cooking in dorm living, so I thank you all for your tremendous support and wish you happy times baking and adieu until next time……

Recipe: Vegan Banana Bread


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