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DEHUMAN - Black Throne of All Creation

Posted on the 17 May 2012 by Ripplemusic
DEHUMAN - Black Throne of all Creation
Hailing from Belgium, Dehuman strike a unique balance with their debut release of the old and the new.
This group offers up a few tried and true sonic lashings, to turn and bludgeon a listener into the modern realm with their take on the traditional Death sound, without aping to the past.
With stand outs like Spiral of Loss, Down with the World, Harvest the Sun and Cast of Assassination, these fellows bring a fresh change for the better to a genre that has grown boring and tired.

 The songs are well crafted and delivered with a very high level of production that is often overlooked in the Death Metal scene. It’s good to hear that it didn’t sound recorded with a cheap tape player in a garage and won’t shock a listener seeing them perform live. They know what they’ll get and be all the happier for their money spent.

 If the video for Cast of Assassination is any indication of what the rest of a performance of the release offers live, then I’m positive that all in attendance will be well pleased and looking forward to the next release and tour from Dehuman.
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