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Defiling the Torah on Simchat Torah

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
a Reform synagogue in Kfar Yona celebrated the end of Simchat Torah during Hakafot Shniyot by unrolling a sefer torah completely and removing the parchment form the scroll holder and dancing while holding the parchment among all the members.
It seems this is the first time this has been done (that is known, at least), though the rabbah (female rabbi) said that they do this every year and she has seen this done by orthodox communities abroad (clearly she is lying about that).
Defiling the Torah on Simchat Torah
Defiling the Torah on Simchat Torah
Regardless, I express my protest for this shameful treatment of the Torah scroll and my sorrow that this is what has happened.
I don't think making a law against this, as has been suggested by the Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, has any purpose, as they would just find another way to shock the public with a different act next time. One cannot outlaw every scenario, as they will always be able to come up with something else.
I am just going to leave it at this. an expression of sorrow and protest.
sources: Srugim and Kipa
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