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Defending Superintendent Scott Kana Using Educational Theory

Posted on the 21 March 2012 by Lawanda @lawanda43

I just wonder if the Kana camp, including the ultra soft and sensual editor of the Sealy News, has considered using educational theory in his defense. After all, there should be some obscure progressive educator with a penchant for breaking with tradition. All of my life, I have been told consisistency is the key. Discipline is a strategy you must implement with fairness and complete dedication to each individual child. In other words, you don't just take the In School Suspension crowd out for a game and expensive treats, even if the till at the ball park is coming up a bit short.

Could it be that Kana knows something that none of the rest of us have ever learned? Maybe Piaget, or Dewey, has written a research document outlining how consistent discipline is a failure... seriously. For all I know, with all of my education and school background, I could have missed a pioneering moment in history. I hope his lawyer is hitting the books...I hope he has his documents in order. Maybe he wrote his thesis research paper on this concept.

Whatever the case, I expect something better from the district my child attends. I am tired of LOW EXPECTATIONS. It makes me mad when I take my kid to the school in the middle of a storm, and it is almost 7:00 am, and no one has a key to the school house. I am sick of the drama, politics, and girlfriend privileges Kana has solicited upon my tax dollars. I do not owe certain individuals an easy lifestyle, while I myself toil away with meager wages.

I hope the school board has their own case against the Kana crowd. I hope we find ourselves with a true leader. We have talented teachers, and even a decent principal or two. Yet, we have little existing true leadership.

The bottom line: if I were Kana, I would look to Terry Grier as a role model. I doubt if he usurps the decisions made by his teacher/principal staff by springing ISS kids from their school work, and treating them to leisure activities...unless, and this is possible, I am just a fool and the educational theory I have studied was far behind the times.

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