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Defender Security Files Objections To All 9 Other .Home Applicants

Posted on the 27 March 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Defender Security Company which is an applicant for  the new gTLD .Home under DotHome Ltd, filed a Legal Rights Objection against the 9 other applicants for the new gTLD .Home.

Applicants for .Home include Google, Donuts, Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry, Radix (Directi) and Top Level Domain Holdings Limited.

Godaddy had also applied for .Home but withdrew its application.

According to Defender Security’s Application they are going to use the TLD to:

DotHome Ltd. will engage in activities, other than registry services  that will benefit the home and home services related industries, such as launching a dedicated

Premium Channel under .HOME TLD that includes:

- The parent company of DotHome Ltd, (Defender Security) has a significant brand presence and operations in home products and services. .HOME is being established to serve as a flagship in the promotion and operation of these existing products and services. It will also serve to introduce new products and brands to the home products and services marketplace.

- A list of premium names corresponding to generic terms that will be reserved for the registry to use for promoting the TLD using Defender Security’s existing diverse and innovative business activities that include home security, home heating and cooling services, real estate, and television network services.

- A list of regional or locally focused premium names that will be reserved for the registry to focus on local marketing efforts and to develop destinations dedicated to the home and home services community and clients searching for home and home-services related information and businesses. All participants must adhere to an open policy that allows inclusion of all home and home services related businesses and entities that fulfill the .HOME Policy.

- A list of premium names corresponding to home services industry names will be reserved and developed internally to bring innovation to DotHome Ltd.’s existing activities or in strategic partnership with leading home and home-services related entities. Partner selection criteria for some of the premium keywords can include RFP or an auction mechanism with the pre-requisite of fulfilling the criteria set forth in the .HOME Policy.

DotHome Ltd’s parent company, Defender Security is currently involved in, and reserves parts of its profit to numerous social benefit programs. DotHome Ltd. will participate in community service activities in a manner similar to its parent company. These activities will include:

• Participation in Habitat for Humanity program targeting a build of 100 homes across America in 2012.…

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