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Decorating Your Home with Warming Autumn Colours

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Decorating your home with warming autumn colours

As the weather becomes cooler, the autumn months are perfect for warming your home with the right décor. By choosing the right colours, you can make your home feel that much warmer and more welcoming. If you are not sure which colours to use, here are some ideas.

Orange is obviously one of the top colour choices for autumn. The good news is that there are plenty of orange flowers available - even in autumn. Florists also keep many types of flowers in stock even when they are not in season. Roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums are examples of flowers that florists like to keep in stock due to their popularity and versatility. Apart from the flowers you choose, you can also use an orange vase or even a pumpkin vase.

Bronze is similar to orange and, while you may not find bronze flowers, you can certainly find bronze accessories. The first place to look is the vase. If you already have a suitable bronze vase, you can also add some bronze painted sticks and similar decorative items.

Red is another popular colour for this season. Not any red, however. Burgundy is the best choice because it is a darker, and deeper kind of red. In fact, it's almost a combination of red and purple. This colour works very well along with orange blooms in a flower arrangement. Similarly, plum can also help create a beautiful dark contrast.

Speaking of contrast, most of the colours mentioned are dark. Which is why it's worth adding some lighter splashes here and there. Lighter colours like off-white or beige are also great for creating contrast.

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