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Decorating For Your Wedding – Budget Options

By Weddingblog2011

There are many types of wedding decorations that can be used depending on the theme of your wedding. The very basics of wedding decorations include invitations, flowers and balloons. But you can do so much more now with decorations to have a unique and memorable event. You should think outside the box and look for wedding decorations at stores that are not typical for weddings.

The best wedding consultants will go to any store to find the decorations for your wedding. They don’t stick strictly to the traditional wedding supply stores. Therefore, their weddings will end up being one of a kind and unique. This has an added advantage for your wallet because besides finding unique objects you can find decorations at fantastic prices, much better then when you shop at the wedding stores.

Since these more unlikely stores can save you a lot of money, you will have more to put towards other parts of your wedding or, perhaps, spend on your honeymoon. Many times wedding favors, decorations and stores will inflate the price simply because the items are for a very specific occasion. You should be on the look out for clearance sales and seasonal merchandise. If your wedding is in the fall or winter then you should stock up in the after Christmas sales.

You can create lovely centerpieces by having a votive candle in small lanterns. If you are concerned about the fire hazard of real candles, they make battery operated ones today that are just as beautiful and “flickery” as the real thing. Candlelight is the most flattering light and creates a great atmosphere; so they will add a lot to your reception. You can have one candle per table or group a few together. Using lanterns or votive holders in soft colors and metallic’s create beautiful centerpieces. Setting the candles on a table runner made of metallic fabric is quite striking and the candlelight reflects beautifully.

If you are having an outdoor wedding you can float wax boat lanterns in a pool, pond or fountain. They can also line walkways or on tables. These types of candles are very versatile. Additionally you can fill a large bowl with water and float candles in them for a table centerpiece. Candles can also be used creatively by having holders of a different height. You can incorporate many different types of candles and candleholders for an eye-catching display.

Besides buying all of your wedding decorations you can make many of them yourself. Centerpieces and reception decorations can be made with crafts, using fabric, candles and other decorations. It is even possible to create your own table tents for outdoor weddings. If you have a green thumb, then you can save a bundle by creating your own floral arrangements for the wedding and reception.

Every wedding has a budget and you can really stretch yours buy being a smart shopper and spending the time to make some of your own wedding favors, centerpieces and florals.

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