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Declutter Your Key Chain!

By Nicoleao @momfever

I often read blogs about decluttering. But there’s one area that is sadly neglected when it comes to decluttering, and that is the keychain!

At a certain, unfortunate point in time, my keychain carried:

  1. my house key
  2. the key to my bike
  3. a key to our back door
  4. a key I didn’t know, so I didn’t dare to throw it out
  5. lots of messy remains of bygone keychains
  6. my car key
  7. a guardian angel that forgot to guard itself, which resulted in it losing its head

So when I felt this tiny fluttering of desire to declutter my keychain I didn’t hesitate: I immediately started fanning the flames of this desire, until it became a full fledged desire to dó something!

Now I am the proud owner of a keychain that only has my house key on it. And because I believe I’ld be best suited for life in a castle I’ve attached my house key to a big, black key that looks like it can open any door! Tadaaaa!

key chain

What’s on your key chain?

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