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.Deciphering Hindu Vedas..............beginning of New Age

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
As per Hindu vedas(hindu scriptures) dark age has just ended on our Earth and we are in transitory period(known as Pralayas) before entering the New Age of Light.In this transition,the ways and values of old age will be replaced with those of New Age,and the old energies will give way to new energies which is a process of every cycle of Yuga(era) on this earth.
We are aware  of rotation of earth and other planets around the sun.Sun and six other stars revolve around Alcyone(known as Central Sun)And Alycone revolves around Sirius known as Greater Central Sun.The milky way contains billions of such stars and planets which revolve around a massive core star called Gallectic center.The system of stars revolving around one another is the common feature among all the Galaxies in the Universe.It is believed that on Dec 21st;2012 two alignments of orbitting stars,revolving around one another,is expected to occur when  our sun and our solar system  come in direct alignment with Galactic equator and Galactic center and Greater Central Sun will form an equiletral triangle in the space at the same time.It is also believed that the second sun(it is believed our sun has a twin called second sun ,now reffered as Nibiru and planet X)  is expected to collide with earth in 2012.
When important events happen simultaneously at the cosmic levels,the effects are huge and long lasting,The effects of events scheduled to occur in 2012 are expected to result in,release of huge amount of energies,both physical and spiritual...such events ,often speed up the entry in to a new age by cutting short the Transitory Period.The Pralayas(Collapse/dissolution/end of cosmos)which began in 1987 were to continue till 2036,a gradual process for shift  of beliefs and values of old age and rise to higher values of the New Age, according to Hindu vedas,the period of Paralayas which were to last for 432 years has been cut short drastically by 49years with great alignment to ease the sufferings and take us to Satya Yuga also known as New Age,in the year 2018 after the end of Paralya process in 2015. is believed since Second Sun is at a high level and supports life of higher order,that is ,the life of New Age. As we go into New Age ,we'll use more of the energies from the Second Sun.These energies are supposed to become more prominent post 2012,because of our entry in to Photon Belt (The energy field with high vibratory frequency through which the Sun passes while moving around the Central Sun) and the Galatic alignment.They help us in our spiritual evolution and in opening up to newer realities.
To conclude.....this great event will result in a new beginnig of life on  earth. This will be an era of spiritual awekening and higher values . The end of enimity,greed,power,pain on this earth.

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