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Deciding Where to Have Your Wedding

By Weddingblog2011

Having a hard time deciding on where to have your wedding? Here are a few things to consider that might help you decide.

Deciding where to have your wedding may not be easy. For some couples, it is an easy choice, but others really struggle and have a hard time agreeing on a location. Maybe neither has a sentimental place in mind. There are many reasons that can make the wedding location difficult to choose. However, there are a few steps that you can take that might make the process just a little easier for you both.

Consider Who You Want at the Wedding

It may sound strange to consider who you want at your wedding when deciding where to have your wedding, but this can actually help you narrow down your choices right from the get-go. If you want a large wedding, then you will want to avoid a backyard wedding or a small church wedding. You will know that you have to look at wedding vendors that have more space. If you have a small guest list, though, you may want to consider smaller places that charge less, or those that are completely free, like your backyard. You could even opt for the beach or a lakefront area.

What Message Do You Want to Send with Your Wedding?

This can be extremely important to consider when deciding where to have your wedding. Do you want your wedding to be a large, public celebration? Or would you rather have a close and intimate wedding with only your immediate family members?

For large weddings, you might want to consider big, exquisite vendors. If you want a close and intimate wedding, consider a small church, your living room, or the beach. Your favorite restaurant is also a viable option, and don’t forget to consider any public places that you and your spouse-to-be like to hang out in your free time.

Before you end up deciding where to have your wedding, be sure to consider your budget. Even if you find the best vendor when deciding where to have your wedding, it won’t matter if you can’t meet budget.

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